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Japan’s traditional Sanshu-gawara roofing tiles are produced mainly in Takahama City, Aichi Prefecture, and is one of Japan’s three major roof tile manufacturing regions. Sekishu-kawara roof tiles are produced in the Iwami region of Shimane prefecture, and Awaji-kawara tiles produced in the Awaji region of Hyogo prefecture.
DATEYA Co., Ltd. produces traditional Sanshu-gawara and Oni-gawara, and creates new and original items using traditional techniques.

What are Oni-gawara?

Oni-gawara are a type of large decorative roof tile, often featuring a devil face or cloud patterns, attached to the edge ridges of shrine or temple roofs as a talisman or amulet.
Oni-gawara are often recognized as Demon Face images, which are mainly used for buildings such as shrines and temples that require the protection of strong demons.
Oni-gawara featuring clouds, water, plants, etc. are used for the roofs of ordinary households as protection against fire and natural disasters, and for auspicious reasons.

Manufacturing Process

Rooftile Manufacturing ProcessOni-gawara Manufacturing Process

Oni-gawara Artisan’s Work


Oni-gawara Artisan, Yuhiro Date’s Official Web Site

Company Profile

DATEYA Co., Ltd.
Company President, Toshiyuki Date
7-7-18, Kasuga-cho, Takahama City Aichi
Kasuga Factory 6-5-1 Kasuga-cho, Takahama City
Futatsuike Factory 3-1-45 Futatsuike-cho, Takahama City
TEL/FAX 0566-55-1501
Business Description
Manufacture and sale of roof tiles and pottery
Manufacture and sale of Oni-gawara


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