Manufacturing Process

Rooftile Manufacturing Process

Sanshu-gawara roof tiles are clay roof tiles baked at high temperatures.
Various factories are engaged for the various production processes.
Explanation of the DATEYA work processes.

1.Press and Deburring

The clay is machine pressed to form a roof tile. After that, excess burrs are removed and the work is finished.

Operating the press machine and finishing the product.

2.Drying and Inspection

The products are dried and inspected one by one to check for any imperfections.


Inspection passed products are loaded onto steel pallets.


Tiles are taken to another factory for the firing process.

Oni-gawara Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process is also different from that of ordinary roof tiles.

Machine Made Examples

Oni-gawara require various manufacturing processes which take a lot of time and effort.
First, the clay is fed into a large press.

After pressing, the work is polished clean, it is deburred and chamfered, and holes are drilled.

Both the back and front of the Oni-gawara require finishing work.

Handmade Examples

Molding is performed with plaster.

Special tools for the work are made by hand.

There are two types of manufacturing processes for handmade Oni-gawara and small items. One is by making it from scratch in clay. The other is to make a prototype by hand, then take a plaster mold, and fill the mold with clay to make the shape. When the products have dried and hardened, they are further shaped and finished.

We also make nameplates.

Besides Oni-gawara, we can make items according to customer requests.
This photo is for a customer placing an order for a cute Ganesha Hindu deity.

A view of the Oni-gawara Demon Face production line.

Plaster molds being filled with clay.

Putting the finishing touches to an Oni-gawara.

One of my tasks is to organize and manage pallets for loading.
After the products are completed, they are transported to another factory for the firing process.

Crafting the Temari Toro,Ball Lantern. Work exhibited at the Shanghai Art Expo.

See finished item here

Temari Toro,Ball Lantern (W44 x H25 x D37 cm)
Work exhibited at the Shanghai Art Expo